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Les fruits – Fruit


Here is a wide array of delicious fruit. This New-Orleans jazz tune is going to help you learn, taste, eat, and digest them all!


Les fruits Fruit
Voici les fruits, la pomme Here come the fruits, the apple
La poire, la banane The pear, the banana
L’orange, le citron, la mandarine The orange, the lemon, the mandarin
Le pamplemousse The grapefruit
Le citron vert, la clémentine The lime, the clementine
L’abricot, la pêche, la nectarine The apricot, the peach, the nectarine
La mangue, l’ananas The mango, the pineapple
La pastèque, le melon The watermelon, le melon
L’olive, l’avocat The olive, the avocado
Le fruit de la passion The passion fruit
La myrtille, la framboise The blueberry, the raspberry
La fraise, la canneberge The strawberry, the cranberry
La mûre, la groseille, le cassis The blackberry, the gooseberry, the blackcurrant
Le raisin, le raisin sec The grapes, the raisin
La grappe de raisin The bunch of grapes
La prune, le pruneau, la cerise The plum, the prune, the cherry
La noix, la noisette, l’amande The walnut, the hazelnut, the almond
La noix de macadamia The macadamia nut
La noix de cajou, le pignon The cashew, the pine nut
La noix de pecan, la pistache The pecan, la pistachio
La noix de coco The coconut
La châtaigne, le marron The chestnut, the chestnut
La papaye, la goyave The papaya, the guava
La grenade, le litchi The pomegranate, the litchi
La figue, la datte, le kiwi The fig, the date, le kiwi
Le kaki, le coing The persimmon, the quince
Voilà, nous avons fini Ok, we are done
Avec les baies, les fruits secs With berries, dry fruits/nuts
Et les fruits And fruits


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