Sing to learn french

Learn french through songs


Vincent Lebrun - Learn french through songs

Photography by Kristin Mozeiko


My name is Vincent Lebrun. I was born and raised in Brussels, Belgium, but at the moment, I live in New York.

I love to sing, hum, drum, dance, and whistle. I love to play music! It’s my favorite way to express life, share my emotions, ideas and dreams. I also love to compose and to write stories, lyrics, and poetry.

As far as I can remember, music has always been a big part of my life. As a toddler I sang and improvised tunes, songs, and stories. Any event could trigger emotions from deep within my heart and I readily expressed them with a song I created on the spot. It is still true today. Words and melodies flow through me naturally and with ease.

I also play a bunch of instruments: trombone, euphonium and trumpet, piano and keyboard, drums and percussion, guitar and ukulele, as well as didjeridoo.

A few years ago, I started teaching French. It did not take me very long to realize that my students loved to sing too. Kids and adults alike.

“Bonjour! What do you feel like doing today? An hour of grammar or an hour of singing and swinging?” What do you think?

For a while, I used popular songs from the French-speaking world. I still do sometimes. Singing is fun, yes, but we are still in French class and we need to learn something! Now, finding the perfect combination of teaching material within one song is not so easy. I was always looking for the right balance of new words versus material already studied. That’s when I felt inspired to write my own songs.

Every single one of my songs targets a specific aspect of the language. It can be vocabulary, conjugations, expressions, a grammar point, etc…

To help me record these 50 songs, I hired great musicians and I hope you will like the outcome as much as my students already love it. It is my humble hope that these songs will help you in your studies of the French language, and that they will make it fun and cool for you!

When I share my songs with people, one of my favorite things to do is to invite them to sing along. So go ahead now, listen and sing along. And have fun while you learn!