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Le futur proche – The Near Future


Very useful and easy to learn, the near future uses the verb aller followed by an infinitive. Learn it well singing this tender ballad.


 Le futur proche The Near Future
Je vais chanter I am going to sing
Tu vas danser You are going to dance
Elle va s’envoler She is going to take off / to fly away
Nous allons rêver We are going to dream
Vous allez tournoyer You are going to twirl
Elles vont s’imaginer They are going to imagine
Je vais jouer I am going to play
Tu vas sauter You’re going to jump
Il va scintiller He is going to sparkle
Nous allons fêter We are going to celebrate
Vous allez célébrer You are going to celebrate
Ils vont s’embrasser They are going to kiss
Je ne vais pas lire I am not going to read
Tu ne vas rien dire You’re not going to say anything
On ne va plus écrire We are (one is) not going to write anymore
Nous n’allons pas partir We are not going to leave
Vous n’allez pas venir You are not going to come
Ils ne vont jamais dormir They are never going to sleep
Le futur proche The near future
Au positif In the positive
On conjugue « aller » One conjugates « aller »
Plus l’infinitif Followed by the infinitive
Et au négatif And in the negative
On met « ne … pas » autour d’ « aller » One puts « ne … pas » around « aller »


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